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Bar studs with dangling circles
Bar studs with dangling circles
Bar studs with dangling circles
Bar studs with dangling circles

14k yellow gold

Bar studs with dangling circles - €270

Traditional fine jewelry - €470

An instant favorite, these earrings will not go unseen. Their slick design makes them your go-to pair for everyday wear, while they also add that little more for a stylish night out. Made out of fair gold, each bar is individually imprinted and each circle is handmade in our workshop in Brussels.
Wear them with our nude necklace or bracelet to complete the look without overdoing it.


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Product details
  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Sourcing: Mix Fairmined and recycled gold
  • Weight: 1.9g
  • Length: 2.5cm
Pricing transparency
tekeningetjes €77 We only work with the finest, ethical and traceable materials: this piece contains at least €77 worth of pure gold, including the Fairmined premium.
tekeningetjes €11 Our gold is a mixture of pure gold, silver and copper. €11 is what we pay for these metals and the formation of chains, clasps or wire.
tekeningetjes €29 We are extremely proud that all of our jewels are 100% made in Belgium. From the crafting to the finishing, we do not offshore any part of our labor.
tekeningetjes €57 All our prices are net prices and include a sales tax of 21%. No extra taxes are applied at check-out!
tekeningetjes €174 Our direct cost to produce this piece combined with taxes, equals €174.
logo frank&daisy def Layer 1 €96 Our margin is crucial to run our business and grow our brand. We use it to maintain our website, source materials, create our campaigns and design new collections.

Sustainable Luxury

Our pieces are designed and made to last a lifetime. They are created with ethically sourced materials and sent to you in ecological packaging.

Radical Transparency

We share a detailed cost structure for each piece of jewelry with you and we know where our gold comes from.

Fair Pricing

We don't work with resellers: by selling directly to you we eliminate unnecessary expenses so we can offer you products of the finest quality at a fair price.

Bar studs with dangling circles

Bar studs with dangling circles