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Frequently Asked Questions and their answers

  • What is fair gold?

    Fair gold is gold that comes from fair trade certified mines. In order to get a certification, mining communities need to comply to a set of prerequisites: safe working conditions, elimination of child labor and ecological mining practices to name a few.
    As a result the ARM (alliance for responsible mining) grants a premium to the miners of 2000 euro per kg. This money is used within the community to increase overall well-being. All players along the value chain are partners of the ARM and closely monitor their gold in- and output.
    By choosing fair gold, you create a positive impact for artisanal and rural mining communities in the South. And you know where your gold came from.
  • What are gold karats? 14k? 18k?

    A karat is a weight unit. When referring to 24k gold we refer to gold in its purest form, or 24/24. Fun-fact: 24k is the exact weight of an old gold coin. Gold in its purest form is never used for jewelry though because it is too soft. A piece of jewelry made with 24k gold would scratch or bend very easily, and wear off quickly.
    14k solid gold
    14k gold means that out of the 24 karats, at least 14 are pure gold, equal to 58.5%. The other 10k are used to enhance the characteristics of the metal. For our launch collection, we use an alloy that also contains silver, copper and a tiny bit of zinc. This alloy increases robustness, while preserving the beautiful yellow hue of gold.
  • What is the difference between solid gold and vermeil, gold-plated or gold-filled?

    Solid gold
    A jewel made of solid gold only contains gold, on the outside as well as on the inside. In other words, making a cross-section of a ring would not reveal any layers.
    A vermeil jewel is a silver jewel with a tiny layer of gold plated to it. With 2.5 micron (that is 1 piece of a human hair chopped in 30 pieces), the gold layer is too thin to have any value, so the value of a vermeil jewel lies solely in the silver.
    Bearing in mind that pure gold is about 10 times more expensive than silver, you know how a vermeil jewel compares to a frankxdaisy...
    A gold-plated jewel is a brass or copper jewel with a tiny layer of gold plated to it. With 2.5 micron (that is 1 piece of a human hair chopped in 30 pieces), the gold layer is too thin to have any value, so the value of a gold-plated jewel lies solely in the base metal.
    Bearing in mind that pure gold is about 1000 times more expensive than copper, you know how a gold-plated jewel compares to a frankxdaisy...
    Surprisingly, a gold-filled jewel is not filled with gold, but plated with a thicker layer of gold than traditional vermeil or gold-plated jewels. There is no definition for the used base metal, but a 5% minimum of gold by weight is required for a piece to be called gold-filled.
    Bearing in mind that 14k solid gold has over 58% of gold, you know how a gold-filled jewel compares to a frankxdaisy...
  • How do I care for my piece of 14k solid gold jewelry?

    The 14k alloy is the most popular one in the United States, and perfect for everyday wear. The higher level of silver and copper compared to 18k enhance robustness, whereas the gold level is high enough to keep it from oxidizing or tarnishing. The natural oils from your skin will protect the gold, so it won't change appearance over time.
    Feel free to wear your jewelry for work, a fancy night out, during sports or whilst gardening!
  • Are your jewels nickel-free?

    Yes, we only use the most qualititative alloys, and work with credible suppliers. We can assure that all jewels are 100% nickel-free.
  • Can I order half pair earrings?

    Yes you can. Just send an email to or fill out the contact form on our website and we'll create a custom order for you. Please note that we will charge 55% of a pair's price for a single piece.
  • How do I know my ring size?

  • When will I receive my package?

    We aim to get you your package as soon as possible. Count 3 to 5 business days from the day you placed your order until the day you can start wearing your frankxdaisy!
  • What do the hallmarks in your jewels mean?

    Unless we fear damaging our piece, we hallmark all our pieces with 2 to 3 different stamps:
    Gold purity
    You will find a diamond shape in all our pieces, with the letters 'au' followed by 3 numbers. The numbers depend on the purity of the gold used, and have nothing to do with the color.
    750 stands for 75% gold purity, or 18k whereas 585 stands for 58.5% or 14k.
    Master's mark
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