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Gold mining - a global business...

Did you know gold is mined on every continent except Antarctica? Gold mining is a heavily industrialized and global industry. Large corporations are producing about 2,500 tonnes of gold per annum, or 90% of the annual global gold production.

Nevertheless, 90% of employment is created by small-scale or artisanal mining communities. This means that approximately 20 million miners worldwide, or over 150 million people depend on gold mining to make a living.

... with issues

Artisanal miners capture a significantly smaller price for their output than traders are paid further downstream. Yet, their work equals hard labor, is largely poverty-driven, and stories about child labor are not uncommon.

The issues in mining for gold and other precious minerals like diamonds have been widely reported and discussed: fueling conflict, environmental destruction and irresponsible mercury use to name a few.

This documentary by Nelufar Hedayat has been a true eye-opener.

Do you know where your gold comes from? We do.

We want to make sure no one suffered for the material we use in our products, ever. So, as a result of our research for a transparent gold supplier, we partnered with Fairmined. This is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations.

Because we use #GoldToBeProudOf, you can wear your jewelry with pride.

With the help of Fairmined gold, artisanal mining is transformed into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection.

Miners are offered a fair price for their minerals, and receive at least €2000 per kg on top of the market price.

Moreover, as a licensee, we can label our jewelry as Fairmined and guarantee full transparency in our supply chain.