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Our Instagram gift box with pieces from Façon Jacmin, Valentine Witmeur Labs, CAHU Paris and Sea Me Happy Apparel

by charlotte feryn |

We decided to share some sparkle - giving our truest fans the opportunity to end this strange year in style, without breaking the bank.

Together with 4 other independent #ladyboss labels who all breathe quality, craftsmanship, and long-lasting luxury, we found a way to show our gratitude for standing by us.

So we created a gift box with our best-selling items, to win via a huge Instagram action.


Lola Haro - frank daisy

💝 The gift box included 💝
Façon Jacmin's GLORIA Shirt Dress ecru oversized dress, Seamehappy's Woody Pants, our cuffs, the CAHU pochette, and the iconic Valentine Witmeur Feminist Sweater